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This video of Trump’s downfall went viral because it’s just so beautifully done The Poke

The president, picking fights with gold star parents and calling them names.

And lying, because his chief of staff confirmed that’s what he said.

Absolutely disgraceful

Our tinfoil hat wearing president

Other Presidents Called and Visited Families of Fallen Soldiers

Trump Subpoenaed for Sexual Assault

Trump botches reference to ‘president’ of Virgin Islands a day after Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a ‘country’ – The Washington Post

Trump Attacks Puerto Rico, Threatens To Pull Emergency Responders – NBC News:

Garbage human






Should have know it would be long.

This is illegal. The Supreme Court made decisions against compulsory actions and recitations as far back as 1943. They revisited this type case in 1990, even affirming citizen’s right to burn the flag. This school board won’t stand a chance when the ACLU gets a hold of this.

this was happening in the 00s when we didnt wanna stand for Bush. 

i sat during the pledge in NY, and the teacher called the principal. then he came, made vague suspension threats, i challenged him on it, told him to buck, then he’d call security and they’d loom over me, and i’d let them know just what would happen of they put a hand on me. every day they did this. and every day i’d remind their BLACK asses that i came from a country where this shit was illegal for this very reason. 

Too many people think that students don’t have rights, that they should have unquestioning obedience to school authority.

FEMA: “Not our job to deliver water and food” to Puerto Ricans. Think I am making this up? Wrong!:

Not trump related specifically, but he’s in charge of all this, and of course, is sucking at it

Donald Trump’s highly abnormal presidency: the week of Oct. 9 – VICE News