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While hurricanes struck, Scott Pruitt was up to some interesting activities:

Scott Pruitt is literally Satan. Contrast his actions with former (bipartisan) administrators and you see the truth. He is an industry tool meant to dismantle the hollowed out yet more essential than ever EPA.

Below are the records Hurricane Irma has already broken as of this morning:

  • Irma is the first storm in recorded history that has maintained top winds of 185 miles per hour for 37 straight hours.
  • Irma is the strongest storm on record to exist in the Atlantic, outside of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. 
  • Irma is tied with the 1932 Cuba hurricane for the longest time spent as a Category 5 hurricane.
  • Irma has the lowest minimum pressure in its lifetime of an Atlantic hurricane on record, outside of the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Irma generated more Accumulated Cyclone Energy than the first eight named storms of the current Atlantic hurricane season combined.

Just to name a few… more here.

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Say what you will about climate change (I mean, it’s 110% real) but you’d be naive to think the effects of Harvey weren’t exacerbated by it (think: rising sea levels, warmer temps, higher frequency of natural disasters). Harvey isn’t a one-off; we need to be prepared for what’s coming next… 


The Weather Channel is throwing major shade and I am here for it. 

Their homepage include articles titled: “So What Happens to Earth Now?“ “Still Don’t Care? Proof You Should”

“..and More Proof…”

“…and Even More Proof…”

“…Or the Imminent Collapse of a Key Ice Shelf…:”

“… Or Antarctica Turning Green…”

“… Or California’s Coast Disappearing into the Sea…”