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When I say be creative, I don’t mean that you …

When I say be creative, I don’t mean that you should all go and become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.

A little bit of happiness


A little tip for a little bit of happiness:
Take a jar or a box you like.
Now every time this year, when you have a nice moment or something you want to remember, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it into the jar or the box. So you can see how the box fills up.
At the end of the year take a look at all those great moments you have collected.
We think more often and faster of bad moments and experiences. So let’s collect a little bit of happiness during this year <3

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It’s almost as if schools push and ideology that benefits schools. 

Bruh, trades are in high fucking demand right now too. Between now and 2020 there are suppose to be 300,000 more jobs and that’s just for welder.

Shit, they’ll pay for you to learn how to do it.

I just finished high school and got a untility job in a factory and I have almost no experience. They’re gonna train me for everything plus it has full health benefits.

Trades are fucking great.

My husband is a welder, and is very very good at it. He got hired by a locksmith company pretty much just by walking in and going “Yes I can weld.”

All of the other guys there were great at locksmithing, but none of them were trained welders, and they needed someone who could build custom doors and frames. 

They trained him to do lock stuff too, so now he can weld AND pick locks. 

The owner of the company, when he handed out Christmas bonuses, looked at him and went “Dude we literally cannot fire you because we’d be screwed so here’s your bonus and also we’re giving you a raise.”

Welders are in desperate demand. 

Blows kisses to this post.

Anyway, learn a trade, unionize, wear your PPE, memorize OSHA’s phone number.

leepacey: [ csa tw, child abuse tw, rape tw, a…


[ csa tw, child abuse tw, rape tw, abuse tw, domestic abuse tw, cutting tw, suicide tw ]

It’s not just Chris Brown and Bill Cosby: white celebrities commit heinous crimes and abuse people just as much as anyone else (if not more), but where are the public call-outs? The damnations and blacklisting? Four of these people have won Oscars and another four have been nominated. Too often, abusers are welcomed back to Hollywood after allegations are publicized, and nobody seems to care. In the case of Roman Polanski, many celebrities even rallied to clear his name—including Martin Scorcese, Tilda Swinton, Wes Anderson, and over a hundred others. All of this makes abundantly clear that the art these people create is seen as more important than bringing them to justice, and the only time the public is actually willing to call anybody out is when that person isn’t white. And, even with cases like Bill Cosby and Chris Brown, the public and the media are always quick to protect the abuser and accuse the victim(s) of lying for attention—with Bill Cosby, almost forty women accused him of rape, but it took a confession from him for people to even entertain the idea that Cosby was an awful person. People cite “innocent until proven guilty” as their reason for not believing victims, instead of employing the societal mindset that would actually be helpful for victims of rape and domestic violence: always believe the victim first.

tomblr-in-action: It really is that easy folk…


It really is that easy folks.


theywarnedyouabout-me: Racism is taught.


Racism is taught.



White complacency – that is to say, white people who shake their heads at photos of the Charlottesville rally but don’t involve themselves in the “politics” of racism because they want to live safe, quiet, white lives – is what made a KKK/nazi rally of this size possible in 2017.

Hoodless. Nazis openly chanting “blood and soil” and “jews will not replace us” fear no repercussions in America because of people like you, silent white person.

They know you will not do more than uncomfortably walk away from them when they spew their hateful rhetoric. They know you laugh when you hear racist jokes about people of color because it’s easier than speaking up. They know you cherish a quiet holiday dinner more than you care to try and change the minds of your racist family members. They know you pray, silently in your head, for God to work on their hearts and end their hatred, but that you do no work/activism in your own community to support the ones affected by that hatred. They know you’ll see the videos of them running over anti-racism protesters with cars and fear ever putting your body on the line for justice. They know at the end of the day you’ll value the comfort that comes with being white more than you value your neighbor’s right to live without fear.

They know, and they’re banking on your silence. There’s no need for hoods when the people with the most power and privilege in this country would rather pretend you’re not there.

Stop talking about how “shocked” you are and just put in the fucking work. Speak up. This is on you.

peached: [[This is Isaiah Hine’s high school …


[[This is Isaiah Hine’s high school presentation on white fragility. You’re not going to get a simpler explanation, in my opinion, so if you’re white you should really read this. Below are Isaiah’s notes on each slide.]]

What is White Fragility?

Robin DiAngelo is a professor at Westfield State University and author of What Does it Mean to Be White? Developing White Racial Literacy.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these ‘defensive moves’ in action before. “I didn’t mean anything by it” “I wasn’t trying to be offensive” “I have a black friend” “Not all white people”

People are often more worried about being called a racist than actually doing something racist. In America white people often don’t even have to consider race. They often think of themselves as “raceless” white is conditioned to be the norm and everyone else is considered “raced” or “colored”. White fragility allows white people to govern when and how race is discussed. White people expect to be educated on racism, and in a nice way.

Why Is It A Bad Thing?

White people never learn as a result and are allowed to continue saying and doing racist things. White people prefer to hear these things from other white people but because other white people don’t know enough about racism, they cycle continues. When people of color do things like the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement, many white peoples responses were “all lives matter” this is white fragility. Proclaiming that black lives matter does not inherently mean that other lives don’t. This statement is made because society continually shows us that black lives don’t matter in america and these are the lives that need the affirming. We already know that white lives matter, it doesn’t need to be stated. White people are very used to being the center of things and when they aren’t it makes them uncomfortable.

Why Does This Happen?

Most people don’t fully grasp the idea of systemic racism and that we live in a racist society that perpetuates racist ideas. We are socialized into white supremacy.

raychjackson: “cultural anxiety” 🙄


“cultural anxiety” 🙄



Hi, I’m a white person and I’m racist.

I benefit from privilege based on my skin color and I have internalized racial biases that I must continue to acknowledge in order to actively remove them from myself and society. Saying all white people are racist is not an attack on my personal character. It is a statement on our broken system as a whole, and I am part of that system even when I’m doing my best to not perpetuate it. It does not make me a bad person to own up to my failings as a person of privilege. The most productive thing I can do on a personal level is to listen to others when they point out my biases. There is always room for improvement. The least I can do is acknowledge it.

Hi, I’m a white person and I am racist.

Now, was that so hard?