White complacency – that is to say, white people who shake their heads at photos of the Charlottesville rally but don’t involve themselves in the “politics” of racism because they want to live safe, quiet, white lives – is what made a KKK/nazi rally of this size possible in 2017.

Hoodless. Nazis openly chanting “blood and soil” and “jews will not replace us” fear no repercussions in America because of people like you, silent white person.

They know you will not do more than uncomfortably walk away from them when they spew their hateful rhetoric. They know you laugh when you hear racist jokes about people of color because it’s easier than speaking up. They know you cherish a quiet holiday dinner more than you care to try and change the minds of your racist family members. They know you pray, silently in your head, for God to work on their hearts and end their hatred, but that you do no work/activism in your own community to support the ones affected by that hatred. They know you’ll see the videos of them running over anti-racism protesters with cars and fear ever putting your body on the line for justice. They know at the end of the day you’ll value the comfort that comes with being white more than you value your neighbor’s right to live without fear.

They know, and they’re banking on your silence. There’s no need for hoods when the people with the most power and privilege in this country would rather pretend you’re not there.

Stop talking about how “shocked” you are and just put in the fucking work. Speak up. This is on you.