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It’s not just Chris Brown and Bill Cosby: white celebrities commit heinous crimes and abuse people just as much as anyone else (if not more), but where are the public call-outs? The damnations and blacklisting? Four of these people have won Oscars and another four have been nominated. Too often, abusers are welcomed back to Hollywood after allegations are publicized, and nobody seems to care. In the case of Roman Polanski, many celebrities even rallied to clear his name—including Martin Scorcese, Tilda Swinton, Wes Anderson, and over a hundred others. All of this makes abundantly clear that the art these people create is seen as more important than bringing them to justice, and the only time the public is actually willing to call anybody out is when that person isn’t white. And, even with cases like Bill Cosby and Chris Brown, the public and the media are always quick to protect the abuser and accuse the victim(s) of lying for attention—with Bill Cosby, almost forty women accused him of rape, but it took a confession from him for people to even entertain the idea that Cosby was an awful person. People cite “innocent until proven guilty” as their reason for not believing victims, instead of employing the societal mindset that would actually be helpful for victims of rape and domestic violence: always believe the victim first.