Donald’s learned a lot in the first 100 days:

  • Healthcare is complicated. 
  • There are different factions in the Republican Party. 
  • N. Korea is not easy. 
  • China is not a currency manipulator (anymore). 
  • Executive orders can be overruled by judges. 
  • What NATO does. 
  • Mexico won’t pay. 
  • Iraq and Syria are different. 
  • Russia is allied to some bad dudes that use chemical weapons (not even Hitler used chemical weapons (on his own people (except of course at the Holocaust Centres))) 
  • Steve Bannon cannot be trusted. 
  • Michael Flynn cannot be trusted. 
  • Paul Ryan cannot be trusted (to get a bill passed). 
  • NAFTA isn’t so bad after all. 
  • How to shake hands (? or at least not to until he learns how to). 
  • How trade with the EU works.
  • Germany doesn’t have any trade deals with the US. (He may also now know that applies to all EU members but probably not.) 
  • Nuclear holocaust would be like no other.

[re-posted from friend’s fb; OP unknown]